Break Rules & Information

General Rules:
Unless stated otherwise, the products sold here are group or personal breaks. The nature of group breaks means that you only receive the cards of teams you bought or were assigned to. You could receive a range of nice/cool cards or none at all. There is no guarantee that anything in particular will come out of the boxes or that you will receive anything from the break. For example, boxes usually state “on average, ” implying no guarantee of hits such as autographs, numbered cards, etc. Further, there is no guarantee that the cards pulled will be in a specific condition, and thus, Slabd breaks are not responsible for any cards the buyer expected a different condition for. Instead, Slabd Breaks is more than happy to assist anyone in requesting ‘damage replacement’ cards. However, due to this, there are no refunds once the break has begun. Before purchasing a spot(s), please ensure you are comfortable with these conditions. By purchasing a spot, you acknowledge that you have read and accepted these rules.

What are group breaks?
The following video explains what group breaks are and how they work.

Where can I watch these breaks?
All breaks will be live-streamed on the Slabd Breaks YouTube channel (link). Soon after completing any live streams, the video will be permanently available on the Slabd Breaks YouTube channel under the ‘live’ tab, in case anyone could not watch during the live period.

When will the breaks take place?
After the specific break sells out, the date, time and location will be updated on the ‘Break Schedule’ page under the ‘Break Stuff’ tab of the Slabd Breaks website. This tab will list all upcoming breaks and when/where they will occur. Break times and dates are usually scheduled within 1-4 days after the respective break sells out.

There may be times when due to unexpected circumstances, breaks may be delayed. If this occurs, the new date, time and location will be communicated directly with the buyers and updated under the ‘Break Schedule’ tab as soon as possible. Slabd Breaks reserves the right to change any break’s date, time and location at any time.

What will be shipped from each break?
Unless stated or noted otherwise, all cards will be shipped.

What are Random Team Breaks?

In random team breaks, you purchase a spot(s), and this spot(s) grants you ownership of one randomly assigned team in the break. Just before we start opening the boxes, we conduct a live random selection process. We ensure transparency by using verification codes that confirm the time and method of this random selection. Once your team(s) are determined through this random process, any cards pulled from the break for that specific team(s) will be yours to keep.

What are Pick Your Team (PYT) Breaks?

In the case of “pick your team” (PYT) breaks, you have the opportunity to select and buy the specific team(s) you desire from the available options. The team(s) you choose becomes exclusively yours for the duration of the break. Any cards pulled for your chosen team during the break will be yours to keep.

What are Serial Numbered Breaks?
A serial numbered break is broken in to two subcomponents; left-side serial numbered break & right-side serial numbered break. Each spot will contain at least one number and two letters. There is also a ranking system used throughout serial numbered breaks, which is that numbered cards are ranked first, followed by the serial number of the card (number or letter). Serial numbered breaks are usually 10-spot breaks but may change depending on the sport. The break will always outline the style of the break and answer all questions before randomising.

Left-side serial numbered break:
A left-side serial numbered break refers to left side of the cards number. For example, if the card is numbered 56/99, it would go to the spot that has the number 6 in it, if the card’s number is 159 it would go to the spot that has 9 in it.
If the card has no numbers, it follows a similar process. For example, if the card’s number for RPA-RIT, it would go to the spot that has the letter T in it. If the card has none of the numerical characteristics above, it will go to the 0 spot.

Right-side serial numbered break:
A right-side serial numbered break refers to rightside of the cards number. For example, if the card is numbered 34/75, it would go to the spot that has the number 5 in it, if the card’s number is 204 it would go to the spot that has 2 in it.
If the card has no numbers, it follows a similar process. For example, if the card’s number for RPA-SCU, it would go to the spot that has the letter S in it. If the card has none of the numerical characteristics above, it will go to the 0 spot.

What are combo’d/paired teams?

Occasionally, we combine two or more teams into a single spot, effectively treating them as one. If you possess a combo’d/paired team spot, you will be entitled to all the cards pulled for the combined teams. For instance, if bob holds a spot designated as “Jazz/Rockets,” he will receive all the cards for both the Jazz and Rockets that are pulled during the break. We opt for this approach for various reasons, such as when the teams in question have limited cards on the checklists or lack prominent players in the products.

What are Letter Breaks?
A letter break is pretty similar and close to what it sounds like. Using the letters of the alphabet, spots in a specific break are determine. Differently, to other breaks, many of the letters are combo’d (combined) together making one spot, such as ‘U/V/X/Z’. A letter style break will usually feature in a sport such as WWE, where the letter(s) refer to the wrestles name/nickname. Before the break begins, it will be clear which part of the name the letter corresponds to, if nicknames are in place and/or whether parts of the name are disregarded.

What boxes will be in a specific break?

Product Representation: You’ll notice some boxes in the listing pictures. These boxes are there to give you an idea of what’s inside. However, they may not always be the exact boxes used in the break.
We strive for accuracy, however, sometimes, there might be errors in the product description. If the mistake is about what’s included in the break, trust the image on the listing. It’s the closest thing to reality.

Know the Rules: If there’s any confusion about the rules of the break, don’t sweat it. Check out our break rules and info page for the most reliable info. Or better yet, reach out to us before making a purchase. We’re here to help!

Promo Images: Occasionally, you might spot promo images in our listings. These images feature cards or items for promotional purposes. Keep in mind that there’s no guarantee that you’ll find these specific cards in the boxes or breaks.

We’re all about transparency and making your experience as enjoyable as possible. If you ever have questions or concerns, just give us a shout. We’ve got your back!

Card Protection

We take special care to protect your cards. Autographs, memorabilia, top player inserts and high-value cards will be individually sleeved and placed in top loaders. For especially high-end cards, we may use magnetic holders (commonly referred to as “mags”) to ensure their safety. Other cards, which are not as high in value, will be grouped together and protected in bulk or bunches. This means that a few or several cards may be placed in a single sleeve or top loader. All your protected cards will then be bundled and securely packaged in a bubble mailer before we send them to you. Please note that the determination of what qualifies as “high value” is based on our judgment and expertise in the field.

What if a box(s) within the specific break is missing advertised content?

Sometimes, a box in a break may not have everything that was advertised on the label. For example, it might be missing an autograph, memorabilia card, or a special parallel. It’s important to know that the manufacturers of these card products don’t guarantee that every box will contain everything mentioned on the packaging.

In such cases, there’s not much we can do because it’s beyond our control. We understand it can be disappointing, but please keep in mind that this is a possibility when you participate in card breaks.

Expired redemptions pulled?

If a box contains an expired redemption card, unfortunately, there’s no way to redeem it anymore. In the past, these cards could be redeemed even if they were past their expiration date. However, the companies that makes these card products no longer accepts expired redemptions.

We know it’s frustrating, but this is a policy set by the card manufacturer, and we have to follow their rules. So, please be aware that if you come across an expired redemption card, it can’t be turned in for the item it promised.

What if a card pulled in a break does not have a designated NBA, NFL, MLB etc team (I.e – College, Olympic, high school)?

Active Players: If the card features a player currently active in the league, it will be allocated to the team they’re presently associated with.

Retired or Unaffiliated Players: Cards of players who have retired or aren’t currently signed to a team (e.g., free agents) will be given to the team they represented for the majority of their career.

Equal Tenure with Multiple Teams: If a player has an equal duration with multiple teams (rounded up to the nearest full season), the card will be randomly assigned to one of those teams.

Cards Without a Specific Team or Player: In cases where a card doesn’t specify a team or player, it will be randomly distributed to one of the participants in the break.

Special Circumstances: In rare or unique situations, I’ll use my discretion to determine the most equitable and logical way to assign the card. This decision will take precedence over the above guidelines if it’s believed to be a more just and sensible approach.

Multiple players or teams on a card?

If a card has more than one player or team on it, we’ll make sure it’s fair. Each player or team on the card will be entered into a random drawing. We use tools like or dice to do this. The player or team that finishes on top after the random drawing will be the one who gets the card. This randomisation will only occur for the buyers with the respective teams/players.

What if Panini rewards points card (or something similar) is pulled?

If a Panini Points card or something similar is pulled, we make it fair for everyone in the break. We will usually use or another method of our choice to distribute these card(s) among all the participants in the break. This way, it’s a random chance for anyone in the break to receive these points.

Discount Codes

Occasionally, we provide discount codes for various promotions. We reserve the right to reject or decline any discount codes at any time. If a code is used in a way that is not allowed or intended, it will be rejected. In such cases, the discount and any corresponding order settings will not be honoured, and the buyer may need to pay the remainder of the total if the order is not already cancelled.

What if I buy into a break and it does not fill?

While we hope that all breaks fill quickly, there may be rare instances where a break doesn’t fill or takes longer than expected. We will do our best to fill these breaks, even if it means extending the break date. However, if a break never fills completely, we will cancel it and refund the payments. Please understand that some breaks may take up to a week to fill.


Merchandise Information: Most of the necessary information about our merchandise can be found on the product page. If you have any questions or concerns, please email us before placing an order.

Return Policy

If you need to return merchandise, the buyer is responsible for return shipping costs. Please ensure that the product is returned in its original condition. We are not responsible for any damage or issues caused by the shipping carrier. The refund will be minus a 5% restocking fee.
We want to provide the best possible experience for our customers, and these policies help us maintain fairness and transparency in our operations. If you have any questions or need further clarification, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

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