A break is where a group of people participate in opening a pack, box or case of cards.

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Yes. There are many ways a break can be conducted, some of the most popular ways are:

  • Random team assignment
  • Random pack assignment
  • Pick your team
  • Pick your pack
  • Pick your player

When a break is random, you will have to the opportunity to pick a number, sometimes know as a spot or slot. The number you pick will be randomly assigned to a team or pack.

The number of participants is dictated by the product and the type of break. For example, if the break type is random team assignment and the product is Select AFL Footy Stars, then 18 people can participate as there are 18 teams.

As the total cost of the break is split amongst all the participants, it gives you a chance to get your hands on many types of cards that you may normally be able to afford.

The way to particiate in a break is to purchase a spot or team on the Slabd Breaks website before they sell out.

All our breaks will be listed on the main page under Latest Breaks.  You can also check out what breaks are available in the Break menu. 

To find out about upcoming live streams you can use the check the Break Schedule, located under the Break Stuff menu.

A break can only happen when all spots have been filled.

When a break is filled you will receive a notification. We’ll also post updates on our slabdbreaks social media pages.

Breaks are live streamed to our YouTube channel. 

Yes, you can watch the break after the fact.  Head to YouTube to view the recording. We’ll also post highlights to our social media platforms.



We will ship your card within 5 business days.

Yes. Every parcel will include a maximum insurance limit of $1,000AUD per shipment at no extra charge to you.

There are no extra charges for shipping. The shipping cost is included in the break fee.

Your cards will be sent to the shipping address in your account via Australia Post or Sendle.

Damn Straight! And it’s simple as!

We accept PayPal, PayIn4 and Credit Cards.

We want to make sure you have a clear understanding of our refund policy at Slabd Breaks:

No Refunds 24 Hours Before Break: Please note that once a break is scheduled to start within the next 24 hours, we cannot accept refund requests. When you join a break, you acknowledge that you’ve read and accepted our break rules.

Exceptions for Damaged Items: In rare cases where items are damaged on our end or there is an issue directly caused by us, please send an email to breaks@slabd.com.au, and we will work together to find a solution. The value of any reimbursements will be determined by us based on the card’s value or the spot purchased. We’ll issue the reimbursement through a method of our choosing. These decisions will be made on a case-by-case basis. Before we issue a refund, you must return all items in the same condition as you received them. Return shipping costs are the buyer’s responsibility.

Shipping Issues

Refund Requests 24 Hours Before Break: If you wish to request a refund more than 24 hours before a scheduled break, please email us at  breaks@slabd.com.au with your name, order number, and the specific break you want a refund for. Keep in mind that payment providers charge a fee for processing payments, which is not refunded when we issue a refund. Therefore, the refund amount will be slightly lower, and a 5% restocking fee will be deducted from all refunds.

Occasionally, we provide discount codes for various promotions. We reserve the right to reject or decline any discount codes at any time. If a code is used in a way that is not allowed or intended, it will be rejected. In such cases, the discount and any corresponding order settings will not be honoured, and the buyer may need to pay the remainder of the total if the order is not already cancelled.

While we hope that all breaks fill quickly, there may be rare instances where a break doesn’t fill or takes longer than expected. We will do our best to fill these breaks, even if it means extending the break date. However, if a break never fills completely, we will cancel it and refund the payments. Please understand that some breaks may take up to a week to fill.

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