About Us

About Slabd Breaks

At Slabd Breaks, we offer an exciting and engaging platform for sports card enthusiasts and collectors. Our mission is to provide you with an unforgettable experience by opening sports card packs and boxes, offering you a chance to obtain rare and valuable cards from your favorite sports and franchises.

Our Objective

The main objective behind Slabd Breaks is to bridge the gap between Australia’s breaking market and the US’s market. Unlike the US and other countries, here in Australia we are currently unable to utilise the features of apps such as whatnot for buying, selling and trading of sports cards, memorabilia and more. As such the new and improved Slabd Breaks seeks to create a platform, first of all for the Australia market, but also globally. We want you to be able to buy into our breaks not only trusting us, but endeavouring to seek unique, limited/unseen product before. We not only want to opening hot product seen all around the world, but also product that tends to rarely make its way to the Asian market, such as First of The Line (FOTL) boxes and lucky envelopes. Further we also want to introduce categories that usually go unseen in the Asian market, such as marvel, WWE, F1, Disney & more.
We hope that with your support and feedback we can set new standards for the Australian and Asian market and look to compete confidently with the dominant US market. Who knows, maybe we can take over the whole breaking market


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We would love it if you could spread the world and help build a community. Grab a mate, join a break and sit back and enjoy a masterclass. Follow/subscribe to Slabd Breaks on all forms of social media and spread the word!

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